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Cinematographer, Broadcaster, Marketing

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I am the creative side of the business. I learnt my trade working in broadcast for the BBC and in industrial video creating corporate and training videos. I have witnessed video evolve from tube cameras and tape to the ultra high definition 4K resolution we enjoy today.

My career is broad with an automotive, business, marketing and medical background. Automotive time was spent working for Aston Martin, Lear and Jaguar as a seating engineer. Medically, I am a qualified operating theatre practitioner trained by the NHS. I believe my background coupled with my broadcast and cinematography skills is an advantage in understanding clients needs to produce brilliant video and films.

Furthermore, being native English my language skills will be invaluable in creating content for both the British, American and European markets. I understand these cultures and can create fresh content that is appealing, appropriate and comprehendible.

Shaun +44 (0) 7918 664505


Business, Multi-Lingual, Sales & Marketing


My name is Mervi and I am responsible for the marketing and sales at Mediasonix. I started my career in travel and tourism before moving on to project management in education and exhibition sales and marketing. Recently, my career has been in international business advising. For many years I worked both in Germany and in the United Kingdom, where I studied European business and marketing.

Together with Shaun’s BBC broadcasting, cinematographer, and international business background we believe we have the skills and experience to understand different markets whether it is the business sector or a foreign country. We produce videos and films that are not just good to watch but are creative and have a message.


Whether it is the Finnish or International markets we believe we can give you a unique video to reach you broad spectrum and target audience. 


Mervi +358 (0) 45 888 3466

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